Gamers Guild
4550 Broadway, Boulder, CO                                                     303.997.6496
Tournament Schedule  

June & July

Weekly Events

  • Attention:       PreReLease Weekend June(MH) 8~9 & July(2020) 6~7
  • Wednesday        Modern, 6:15 pm $6
    Wednesday     Commander(EDH) 6:15 pm  FREE
  • Thursday    Closed on Thursdays for June, July August
  • Friday         
    • FNM, Draft, 6:15 pm, $15 (sign up 6pm+)
  • Saturday            EDH/Commander, 12:30pm $5 & Modern, 5pm $6
  • Sunday              Standard Sundays Constructed 12:30pm
  • Sunday              Daffy Draft now every Sunday 12:30pm                                     The shop will be closed July 4~5 and Closed Thursdays June,July&Aug   

  •         Modern Horizons PreReLease                            June 8&9                                   Sign up by June 7 $27+tax                           $32+tax at door                             (2pack support per entry)                Sat. 12noon draft Sun. 12noon draft
    M H Booster Box $225  (limited ) 

  • Warhammer 40k casual play on Saturdays from 11am ~ 5pm Painting classes are also available during the week. Warhammer event or class questions can be answered by Please Note: There will be no Warhammer on Saturday June 8th & July 6th                                                                               Discover Gunbarrel  Brewery x1 free pint with $50+ purchases

Warhammer Tournament
Every Saturday
11am to 5pm ish
Also Painting classes on Tue,Wed &Thursday
check with the for more hard to reach questions.

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